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Node In 30 Days is a video course to teach you how to build Node.js apps, fast.

Node.js is the world's fastest-growing web platform, and whether you want to learn it to get a new job, build your own cool app or just have some seriously cool, creative fun - this video course will get you there.

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What You'll Learn

Our class is structured to make it easy to follow for programming newbies and veterans alike. You'll get one new module in your inbox once a week, with related links and recommended readings.

Course Overview

  • 1. JavaScript Review & Node Basics
  • 2. Introducing Express
  • 3. Introducing MongoDB
  • 4. Connecting MongoDB and Node.js

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Our first module covers a brief review of Javascript, including how to declare a variable, primitive and composite types, and basic function syntax.

Then we jump right into building a command line Node.js script and the two basic patterns node relies on: callbacks and events. By the end you'll create a basic Node.js webserver.

The rest of the course moves through the Express framework, MongoDB, and the two different ways to connect them.

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Why Learn Node?

  • 25,000%

    increase in Node jobs over the last 12 months.

  • 250+

    Node.js user groups around the world.

  • 35,000+

    downloads of Node.js every single day.

Who Uses Node?

From hackers to startups to Fortune 500s - Node is taking over.

  • LinkedIN

  • AirBNB

  • Microsoft

  • Uber

  • eBay

  • Yammer

  • Zappos

  • Mozilla

  • Adobe

Who Are You?

Hi, I'm Greg. I am a technologist and a musical human with years of making cool stuff online.

I created NodeSchool's curriculum on the idea that making stuff is awesome, and that programming classes should be easy to follow and focused on getting you to the point where you can create real stuff as quickly as possible.

To me, progamming is about creativity - and this class exists to enable your creativity as much as it exists to teach you an awesome new job skill (but it does that, too.)

Real People Building Rad Stuff

I teach Node and other tech classes weekly in the San Antonio/Austin area, and we use feedback from our students to create our online content to guarantee quality and awesomeness.

"Awesome class and was afforded the opportunity to learn from two very knowledgeable individuals. I really understood the concepts and it showed a real life application. Definitely recommend!!"

Eduardo Florest

"I come from a web development background and have always heard and read stuff about Node.js. NodeSchool had a great price and knowledgeable instructors. I am a happy nodester now!"

Isaac Castillo

"I went from being curious about Node.js to be able to build some real applications in just a few hours. Thank you guys for making Node and Javascript in general accessible to everyone. I can now do some weekend projects in Node and Express. I am hooked on HotSauceJS."

Ramesh Sampath

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